Taylor Hill still pinches herself after walking in Fashion Week

Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill has admitted she pinches herself after walking in Fashion Week, as she can’t believe how far her career has come.

The 23-year-old model first walked the catwalk when she was a teenager, but is amazed she found her way into the industry and landed the superstar gig.

Speaking in a video clip for Vogue, Taylor said: ”Fashion week is fun, I love Fashion Week. I’ve been doing Fashion Week since I was too young to probably do it. I think I was 15 when I did my first season … Sometimes I can’t believe I get to do it, and I pinch myself because how the heck did I end up in this industry and going to something like Fashion Week. It’s insane.”

Since her teens, the Victoria’s Secret Angel has risen to star in shows across the world, and even walked the Versace runway, much to Donatella’s delight.

Taylor added: ”I used to be the Versace fit model, and they would sew the clothes on my body. I went in in one of the looks and I blacked out because it was a very exciting moment for me.

”I’m pretty sure Donatella Versace made me cry. She was like, ‘Oh this is your look in the show, I’m so excited to have you in my show this year.”’

What’s more, her role has helped the model become an early bird as she enjoys waking up at the break of dawn to walk for her favourite fashion brands.

She explained: ”I love sitting in hair and makeup. The joke was that you can hear Taylor before you see her. I will walk in at six o’clock in the morning, so ready and so excited.

”You are a morning person when you’re 17 and walking for Ralph Lauren or Alexander McQueen. You just wake up ready to go like, ‘I can’t believe I’m here, I’m at Alexander McQueen, let’s do this!’ And everyone’s like, ‘Taylor has arrived, I can hear here.”’