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Huawei’s New OS is 60% Faster than Android: Reports Says


Due to the blacklist from the Trump administration, Huawei is no longer intended to use Google products. This is the reason why the company has been working on its own OS named HongMeng. The global name of this version will be Ark OS. According to a new report, Huawei is all set to ship their phones with this new OS in October.

HongMeng Worked a Lot Faster than Android in Tests
Huawei has been conducting intensive tests on its OS along with Oppo, Tencent, and Vivo. In the tests, it has been proven that HongMeng is a lot faster when compared to Android and the OS based phones will be released into the Chinese market first.

Huawei’s New OS is 60% Faster than Android
Huawei’s New OS is 60% Faster than Android
The rumors have stated that Huawei Mate 30 will be the first phone with HongMeng OS but apparently, this is not true anymore. The company is planning to introduce this OS into entry-level smartphones. The analysts in the industry have presumed that the ban of US on Huawei will affect the company’s sales a lot.