‘How insecurity hampers business growth’

As a security expert, will you say the insecurity in the country poses a challenge to entrepreneurs?

Quite a lot, you cannot do business in an atmosphere of rancor, chaos and insecurity. People cannot do agricultural business, haulage business, or farming business, as it were in an area of insecurity and sheer hostility. A man cannot go to his farm in the face of insecurity for fear of being attacked or kidnapped or shot by bandits, right in his farm. If the government would fight this insecurity, there must be an approach to be adopted, and that is by co-opting the intellectual resource base into an outward dimensional approach in other to be able to resolve these threats to lives and business.

What can the government do to cushion the effects of this dastardly act?

The government can do a lot of things. Words of government, policies of government, and actions of government that are taken in other to address the issue would have been enough to cushion the effect of this dastardly act. After all, the lacuna here is security, the hiatus here is security and the problem here is security, so, what in this circle, in this hiatus yearns for integration, you may want to ask yourself? People are central to the issue. It is also people who cause insecurity, and it is people who will fix or resolve the problems of insecurity, therefore government should adopt a special security system that is more holistic, to address it, which is civil oriented security system and management, if they do not do that, the government is only just joking to the situation. Force does not stop insecurity, because the more force you apply, the more deadly it becomes. All that is required by government is simple preventive diplomacy, enforcement of law and order and maintenance of the law, and you will be surprised that you will get the security that is required for the country.

Can we say that the government lacks facility and manpower to combat insecurity in the nation?

The government does not lack the security or facility neither do they lack the needed manpower. It is how qualified manpower is to address issues in the areas that requires intelligence. They should invoke intelligence formation or unit of the system to be able to handle it; but in an area where manpower is unqualified, you will see situation like this, but where we have qualified manpower, they would have addressed the issue before it gets to the hierarchical chain of command. In the areas of facility, I cannot see any West African army ,except in South Africa, no army in Africa has the kind of facility and military sophistication that is in Nigeria, I do not know of South Africa because I have not been able to study their military history, but I have seen their police at work and they are nothing to write home about, but their special forces like the SWOT, you don’t play with those ones because they bring patriotism to play first ,there are really wonderful people. So, how patriotic are the people who are going to take care of the issue in question in Nigeria? You see it becomes very dicey. You see we are very good people in parliament that can profound or proffer solutions and laws that can assist in making Nigeria safe and secured because it is only in a safe and secured environment that businesses thrive. Without safety and freedom from all anxieties of danger in Nigeria, we would have a lot of business hiccups.

What can you say about the business terrain with respect to policies and operations of the government as it affects your business in terms of security?

For me as a person the kind of business I do is intelligence. The more they strike and the more the insecurity , the more business I am likely to get, but in other for it not to occur that is why I make intelligence report and make it available to you ,in other for you to be proactive. I would have set up counter intelligence measures against anything that is likely to occur because I would have seen it, and put dragnets all over the place for surveillance and all the surveillance that I am running, I detect that something is likely to occur and I communicate it to counter measure following a control, so, as an individual, I have surveillance all over my business and I would be able to detect, able to know that something is likely to occur, I drag in a counter measure and establish a control.

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