Gospel singer Ododo Jesu’s last project ‘Baba O’ gains attention

The last single by late praise and worship singer, Yemisi Oluwadaisi aka Ododo Jesu, has started gaining attention on the music scene.

The music project entitled ‘Baba O,’ has been regarded as an overwhelming blaze of praise unto the Most High God as Ododo Jesu transitioned into eternity.

The single titled “Baba O” is an oratorical eulogy where the Gospel act combines a form of Yoruba poetry called ‘Ewi’ with traditional folklore.

Ododo Jesu pours out her heart in praise to God on this single and stirs the very essence for which man was created – to praise and glorify God.

The singer’s son, Adedamola Oluwadaisi eulogises her as the single goes viral. He says, “Mom, you invented yourself as a dutiful mom, an exceptional broadcaster, a loving aunt, a talented voice-over artiste and multi-talented singer whose Oriki, so synonymously sonorous with or without any drum, would make Kings cheer and dance… But I know God will enjoy your praises better because you have the Oriki capable enough to make God in His magnificence and glory, rise from His throne and honor you”.