People are Taking Advantage of our #Giftalbizz.
If you are calling our initiative a scam it’s because of the poverty that has sink into your blood..Or Laziness.. #LookingForFreeMoney

We are doing all possible best to Come up with different ideas to make Gas point super valuable..

Imagine you registering your freinds with 10,000 Gas point and collecting the signup fee worth N2500 .

Mouth watering offer, instead of you waiting for revenue which  cannot reach everyone ..

Why not take advantage of this option…

How can I use My #10,000 Gas point to Register my freind???

#Note #NoReferralBonus

Visit our Website


Use the site link to register your prospect

#Step2 forward the Registration details to for activation .. your mail subject must be Account Activation.

#step3 the Email you use to forward the mail must tally with Your Giftalworld account so we can deduct your Earnings else .. The acct will not be approve..