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Fake festivals: Why more music fans are tuning in


While music fans struggle to get tickets to the likes of Glastonbury, Reading and the Isle of Wight festivals, many are turning to so-called “fake” versions of these music events featuring tribute acts to get their live fix.

Over the past five years, ticket sales for Glastonbudget, Tribfest and The Big Fake Festival have seen a healthy increase, according to The Entertainment Agents’ Association, and there are now more than 30 outdoor music festivals in the UK showcasing tribute acts, such as Coldplace, Antarctic Monkeys, Guns2Roses, Stereotonics and Blondied.

Like Glastonbury, fake music festivals present live acts on multiple stages alongside camping, glamping, food stalls and face painting.

The big draw is “price and accessibility”, says Neil Tomlinson from the Entertainment Agents’ Association.

“The price is right, at the top end the quality’s right and it’s family friendly,” he tells Radio 4’s You and Yours.

“If you love the Killers but they’re touring or having two years off you can see The Killerz who’ll play all the songs you love, hit after hit after hit!”