Ebright Closers Academy

Good day Everyone , want to introduce you to my #Ebright_Closers_Academy , an academy where I will be teaching people who want more out if life on how to generate more money for themselves .

Thousands of people will say online Business not working for them , you know why they said is hard is because they Don’t have the right skills to use and mentors to guide them..

So I have come up with a plan and strategy to help people even beginners on how they can generate unlimited income online…

Why you should join my academy…

I will mentor you till you start making over 50k-200k monthly as a beginner..

If you join my academy you’ll never ever Complain online again.

The reason why many people complain is because they are not making money so now let start making money and praise ourselves.

You can always ask me questions and will be guiding you till you start achieving success..

We are starting on Monday July 29th..

Will be taking my student 3 times Every week.

Monday . Wednesday and Saturday.

Every 12pm – 2pm.

How to join My Academy .

As you all know it takes money to make money and I don’t want crowd just need atleast 10 leaders I can mentor …

The Registration fee is 10k but at a promo price is N5,000 to be my student…

Will increase soon…

How to pay ???

Make A payment of N5,000 to
Raji Ibrahim babatude
Sterling bank

Send your fullname, phone number and proof of payment to Ebright1960@gmail.com.

As soon as my team get your details you’ll be added to our Official group ..

Where we start chatting and discussing and learning new things ☺☺

Thank you…

It’s what you know that will take you to the edge..


You need to #Learn b4 you can #EARN


A Quick notice..

Am no longer chatting on Facebook and Whatapp so Don’t answer anyone who claims to be me..

You can always get in touch with me on Ebright1960@gmail.com or @EbrightNmg on Instagram..