Centre serenades lovers on Valentine

A recreation centre, UpBeat Recreation Centre, a member of the Honeywell Group, is today offering its customers the opportunity to celebrate with their loved ones at her waterview restaurants – The Upbeat Bite.

The centre is the first West African tampoline park.

The offer comes with a complimentary wine: two course meal; spiced with karaoke, musical performance by artists and a serene atmosphere for lovers.

The Operations Manager, Upbeat Center, Siamanta Van-Labeke, explained that her firm opted to do this considering that the connection between appetite and love is well proven.

Good food, Van-Labeke said, nurtures the body and brain, and also feeds the soul and spirit, making the two connect.

She further said that the offer was birthed remembering that love is a beautiful thing and as such this season should be made a memorable one for her customers.

“The lovers promo has been put together to bring unconventional way of expressing love to one another.

This Valentine promo will help to rejuvenate love and this does not exclude older couples that will want to express themselves in youthful ways.

Also, we would be having couples jump for love all through February. Remember, couples that Jump together, stay together,” Van-Labeke said.